Academic Director

Mrs. Kalpana Tiwari, Academic Director

Education is not preparation of life, Education is life itself.

-Jown Dewey


            In this time of crisis, a well rounded and effective educational practice is what is needed for the capacity-building of young minds. It will develop skills that will drive their employability, productivity, health and well-being in the decades to come and ensure the overall progress of India.


            As you are aware, the most unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic situation. Also, it is very important that our students are all engaged in constructive activity during the too restrictive idle time. We are committed to providing an innovative learning environment that would help the students to navigate through the excessive amount of challenges of online education.


            It is gratifying that the institute could complete the last academic session successfully despite the pandemic situation. The school conducted examination on time through online modes, completed the evolution of papers like any other year and started the online classes the new session 2021-22, without delay.


            In online classes our teachers are creating the best practices, making teaching as effective as it was in a physical classes with a strong resolve and also, to give you to right problem solving assignments and provide feedback to you on the same. I would like to remind you that ‘Learning’ is an important component of education and therefore our and your role is very important. We need to put in extra effort and face the associated challenges in doing the learning part. Encourage your ward to participate in all activities and they must be regular in online classes.


            We also help each child to start his journey towards excellence by facilitating and not interfering in the course of his/her development. We believe that every child is not only an asset to the family, community, school or nation but to the entire world. Therefore, from the planning and designing of the curriculum to its delivery, both strategic learning and quality learning to all policies, programs and procedures are directed in achieving their goal of excellence.


            Keeping this situation in mind we have initiated a system where by the school will provide extensive information to the school will provide extensive information to the parents about their wards. Parents will get the absenteeism of their ward and the updates through whatsApp groups and SMS.


At Last I can say -------

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.