Our Founder

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Whos Dream Nourished Thousands of Life


Founder Chairperson of Holy Hearts School, Raipur

Our Founder


Late Mrs. Amita Singh continues to be the inspiration that she was when the journey of Holy Hearts Began 32 yrs ago. Full of energy, bubbling with enthusiasm, clear and far sighted, she began the journey that travelled a million miles in the quarter of a century. More than 10,000 alumni of this legendary school have walked into the ramparts of various nationally and internationally recognized premier institutions.

The satisfaction that she derived out of the achievements of her children cannot be put in words. We lost her when she was envisioning a greater presence for Holy Hearts in the society. But the Holy Hearts family has pledged to fulfil her vision and make it a reality. So the journey goes on and she overseas us and our efforts from her heavenly abode. May her soul Rest in Peace.

Holy Hearts Family