Jul 05, 2021

“Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems.”

In a peaceful life, no one expect problems lay ahead of us as life is unpredictable. Life of a person, country, region is not a smooth road, We should be prepared to face the worst but at the same time we should not loose the path of hope and try to make the best used of difficult times, by being courageous , optimistic and hopeful for a better opportunity in worst scenario. It should be remembered that every time normalcy is disrupted, there are vast opportunities to capitalize on.

Times get hard just as they were once good.What goes up, comes down, and then goes up again. As much as we know this pattern we still worry and fret in times of difficulty.

When the world is in turmoil, opportunities for a better future are all around. It is on us to seize them for which one should control their anxiety.

From the past one year, the whole world is fighting against COVID. It has taken great turmoil in human life. But, we all have courageously fought and is still fighting with pandemic. Many lost their life, their near and dear ones and also many of them lost their jobs. This pandemic affected field of  Education to a great extent. Children and educational professionals are unable to take regular classes in Classrooms which was the easy mode to impart education. This pandemic made it impossible to step out of homes.

But life goes on and so we have to seek opportunity to use the best that is available. It is not said in vain that every cloud has a silver lining for even a bad phase has something worthwhile to offer. All that one has to do is look for the positive. 

Learning and acquiring knowledge are also a silver lining. A low or slow phase could be the ideal time to actually learn. Learn new skills, acquire greater knowledge, expand horizons, focus on research, experiments and studies.

“Most people miss great opportunities because of their misconception of time. Don’t wait ! The time will never be just right.” - Stephen C. Hogan.

How right it is. Time never waits. It goes on. So are we. We have to take opportunities in difficult times and try to adapt new methods and technologies. This pandemic showed us how to use technology in the best possible way especially in education field.

Teachers, students & our dear parents took this challenge in this pandemic era to fight against the odds and move ahead in their academics using technology as medium. Many of them are and were not familiar with this medium. This pandemic taught them the use of Computers, laptops and other electronic gadgets in the utmost utility.

Students., teachers along with parents, learnt the positive use of mobile phones & Computers by absorbing knowledge through them. Teachers who were not familiar with them, learnt and upgraded their knowledge . They started creating ppts, videos related to their topics to explain to the students in a more effective way.

Besides teachers, students & parents who have taken and used the opportunities given in these troubled circumstances, people in all genre, gave their time to their family members understanding their inner turbulence of not spending enough time with them. Unnecessary expenses also got limited, paving the way to learn to save the money which in other circumstances, we generally waste on irrelevant things.

To cultivate the quality of not letting setbacks have a significant impact on your life, you should not fear adversity because failures are inevitable. Instead, you should focus on turning each setback into an opportunity . Fight the obstacles and be warriors making the best use of resources, time,  money, building relationships and finally overcoming the troubles by grasping the opportunities which comes in one’s way.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein